Chinese traditional medicine against excess weight

In the modern world, the problems of losing weight are of great importance in the lives of many people. This is especially true for residents of developed countries. Excess weight is the result of a change in the lifestyle of a modern person, a sharp decrease in physical activity, malnutrition, nervous overload, and stress. There are many ways and techniques to reduce excess weight. In this article, we will look at the approaches of Chinese traditional medicine that contribute to weight loss and better health.

Table of contents:

  1. Overweight problems
  2. What is a body mass index?
  3. Recommendations for overweight people
  4. Western approach to weight loss
  5. Chinese medicine concept
  6. Chinese medicine’s approach to food and weight loss
  7. How to increase energy levels?
  8. Acceleration of metabolic processes
  9. How to accelerate the removal of waste from the body?
  10. Acupuncture for weight loss
  11. What herbs help with weight loss?

Weight loss and healing methods have been developed in ancient China. For several millennia, they have been improved and successfully used by Chinese doctors. Their effectiveness is confirmed by modern medicine. These methods are simple, accessible and at the same time beneficially affect the overall health of a person.

Overweight problems

If a person is overweight, then this entails various health problems. This is especially felt with age. With excess weight, the load on the joints of the legs, the spine increases. This leads to intense wear on the joints. They are more often injured and exposed to diseases. This is especially reflected in women’s health. Overweight people increase the load on the cardiovascular system. Over time, this leads to an increase in blood pressure, varicose veins, sclerotic vascular lesions. There are disturbances in the work of the heart and so on. All these problems interfere with a person’s normal life. Besides, they increase the risk of early death.

What is a body mass index?

Anyone can easily determine whether their weight is normal or not. One of the most popular methods is to calculate the body mass index, which was first proposed by the Belgian Adolf Quetelet. To calculate it, it is enough to divide the body weight in kilograms by the height in meters squared.

For example, you weigh 100 kg and your height is 2 meters. In this case, divide 100 by 2 * 2 and get 25. If your height is 180 cm and weight 80 kg, then your body mass index will be 24.7. WHO considers normal body mass index from 19 to 25. Indicators from 25 to 30 indicate that a person is overweight. And indicators over 30 indicate obesity. Accordingly, if the body mass index is less than 19, then a person has exhaustion. In Southeast Asia, including China, overweight is controlled by the waist. The optimal indicator is considered to be 85 cm in men and 75 cm in women.

Recommendations for overweight people

If you or your loved ones are overweight, then do not panic. You should calmly understand the situation and turn to specialists so that they choose a safe and healthy method of normalizing weight. For this, it is necessary to take into account that in the modern world there are entire industries to fight against excess weight. They earn huge capital on the problem. Often, these methods are ineffective and pose a serious threat to health.

Western approach to weight loss

Most specialists in modern Western medicine are based on the fact that extra pounds, fat, is an excess of energy that a person does not have time to use up. To get rid of it, one should resort to various diets and increase motor activity. In addition, nutritionists use various pharmaceuticals with dubious efficacy and a bunch of side effects. However, in spite of all efforts, the percentage of the overweight population in America and Europe is gradually growing. This means that this approach does not work well. Therefore, to better understand the problems of losing weight, you should not recklessly try everything in a row.

Chinese medicine concept

The approaches of Chinese medicine to weight loss are based on the fact that excess weight is not formed because people eat too much. The cause of the disorder is that the body cannot remove all the waste. This is due to a lack of energy to remove all waste. Then these wastes gradually accumulate. They are stored as fat. This leads to excess weight.

Chinese medicine experts concluded that the cause of obesity is a lack of energy in the human body and not it’s excess. Therefore, you should help the body restore the necessary amount of energy, after which the weight will return to normal.

To reduce weight and strengthen the physical condition of the whole body, Chinese traditional medicine suggests taking 4 steps.

  • Strengthen energy levels
  • Accelerate metabolic processes
  • Increase the elimination of waste from the body
  • Speed up the process of energy reproduction
  • Increased energy level

Chinese medicine’s approach to food and weight loss

Chinese medicine predates modern science. Therefore, for weight loss, a person does not need to worry about counting calories or follow modern diets. The diet plan must be designed for an individual constitution and internal imbalances. Everyone is different. The treatment should be individualized by the diagnosis. It is worth noting that Chinese traditional medicine does not have common treatment methods.

As a rule, the right diet is based on a list of healthy foods for your constitution and a list of foods that you should avoid. Specialists choose food products depending on their taste, nature and which internal organs they affect.

Food is a medicine that can be used to balance the body in combination with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. If you follow a diet that strengthens the internal organs, you will notice a difference in the digestive system in a short time. Being overweight is a symptom of an internal health problem, not its cause.

Many low-fat foods are full of sugars, and many sweets often contain the label “99% fat-free.” None of them will help with weight loss. Certain principles are suitable for most people who want to lose weight.

How to increase energy levels?

Chinese medicine experts consider restoring a healthy full sleep mode the main way to restore energy. To do this, go to bed early and get up early. The implementation of only these recommendations will have a positive effect on recovery. But this is not enough to lose weight. To stabilize sleep and improve its quality, as well as normalize digestion and reduce appetite, it is necessary to do special breathing exercises.

Acceleration of metabolic processes

Doctors define metabolism as continuous biochemical processes by which life is maintained in the body of living things. To help the body perform its metabolic work well and steadily, Chinese traditional medicine suggests performing self-massage of internal organs, stimulating acupuncture points and acting on internal organs through special gymnastics.

How to accelerate the removal of waste from the body?

For complete and high-quality removal of all waste substances from the body, the main and most effective techniques in Chinese medicine are the massage of the channels of the liver, gall bladder, and pericardium. These actions will contribute not only to accelerate the withdrawal of waste substances. but also improves blood circulation in the body, enhances the secretion of gastric juice, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Chinese medicine recommends strengthening your kidneys. After all, any disruption in the work of these important organs negatively affects the viability of the entire human body.

If the kidneys are not able to qualitatively filter out and remove all waste and toxins then they will be deposited in various organs and tissues. Chinese doctors use special exercises to strengthen and improve the kidneys, self-massage of the kidneys and the impact on the Shen-Shu points.

Acupuncture for weight loss

Surprisingly, acupuncture has a long history of use in weight loss. However, only in recent years, a systematic approach has been adopted by many Chinese hospitals. Selected acupuncture points usually include various points on the arms and legs, depending on the individual diagnosis. Most treatment, however, focuses on the abdominal cavity. Precise needles are placed at points that cross the abdomen. Then applied electroacupuncture. A slight tingling sensation is usually felt in this area. The courses of treatment are changing. Asian masters use it three times a week for three weeks, and then the course of treatment is repeated as often as required. According to Chinese studies, acupuncture treatment alone leads to significant weight loss in over 80% of patients. Between weight loss procedures, small earmolds are placed in the ear to stimulate digestive points.

what herbs help with weight loss

What herbs help with weight loss?

Chinese doctors use various herbs and their fees for weight loss. Herbalists select plants following the pulse and diagnosis. They are always used in the formula to direct herbs to organs that need treatment.

As a rule, herbs for weight loss are chosen, which tone the qi of the spleen, increase energy and stamina, improve the immune system and eliminate sputum and dampness from the body. Doctors often add herbs that calm the mind, as they can facilitate the process of losing weight. The importance of herbal medicine in weight loss cannot be overestimated. This is the fastest way to fix the root cause of the problem and can save you hours on the acupuncture table. Consider the most effective and popular plants that help fight weight gain.


This is a valuable and useful plant that is widely used in medicine. Moreover, the older the grass, the more valuable its root and more diverse properties. The root of this plant has many medicinal properties. It strengthens the immune system, tones the body, reduces inflammation, and stimulates metabolic processes. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are made from this medicinal plant. When using preparations based on ginseng, it is possible to normalize the metabolism, and as a result, get rid of extra pounds.


Ginger is considered by many to be the most effective herb that burns fat. After drinks based on it, heat production in the body increases. This helps to speed up metabolism and lipolysis. Do not use it for colitis, gallstones, fever, allergies. It promotes better absorption of food. Ginger powder is added to tea or water.


This is an ideal herb for women who dream of losing weight in problem areas. Peppermint restores and activates disturbed metabolic processes, cleanses the intestines, liver and the whole body from toxins. In parallel, it alleviates menopausal symptoms and gynecological diseases. Mint tea improves sleep, relieves nervous tension, helps to cope with stress. It makes the skin soft and clean.

Cayenne pepper

The plant is considered the best natural herb for weight loss. It is rich in capsaicin, a substance that helps speed up metabolism and reduce appetite. Pepper has a vasodilating property, maintaining pressure at a healthy level. It can function as an aphrodisiac that enhances sexual desire. It prevents the appearance of cancer and contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body.

Green tea

Green tea is oversaturated with antioxidants and beneficial substances. Together with diet and sports, it normalizes weight even with obesity, not to mention 3-4 extra pounds. It has a lot of caffeine, which speeds up lipolysis. Thanks to it, the body itself spends fat cells as a source of calories. Contraindications: sore joints, enlarged thyroid gland, exacerbations of gastrointestinal tract diseases, hyperexcitability, insomnia, hypertension. The best varieties for burning fat are Longjing, Mao Feng, Sencha, Gunpowder, Jade rings.

We examined the main recommendations of Chinese doctors on weight loss. It can be noted that all these methods, although unusual for a European person, are safe for health, available at home and effective when used regularly.

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