Traditional Chinese formula improves heart health

According to WHO, problems with the cardiovascular system are the main cause of death for people all over the world. Modern science offers many therapeutic methods and remedies for the disease. However, they don’t always help a person recover. Therefore, some patients use various herbal supplements together with traditional drugs.

Scientists from Anhui Medical University have spent a series of studies to test the effectiveness of the herbal complex Xin-ji-er-kang (XJEK). It consists of 14 herbs from traditional Chinese medicine, including lotus ovary, ginseng, valerian root, mondo grass, etc. Explorers examined a group of mice. All rodents survived a heart attack before study.

The mice took Xin-ji-er-kang within 1 month. Scientists conducted various tests after completion a course of treatment. According to the obtained findings, the herbal complex significantly restored the work cardiovascular system of experimental group.

Xin-ji-er-kang decreased cardiac hypertrophy, endothelial dysfunction and collagen deposition caused by a heart attack. Herbal remedy reduced inflammation and the oxidative process. They play an important role in the functioning of heart.

Scientists from medical university have concluded that patients can use traditional Chinese formula for complex treatment of heart diseases, including coronary heart disease, heart attack myocarditis, etc.

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