The researchers found effective Chinese herbal decoction for treating insomnia

Scientists from the University of Science and Technology of Huazhong conducted research aimed at treating insomnia. They explored herbal decoction Jiao-Tai-Wan, which is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. The researchers published the results of their work in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The results confirmed the benefit of using the plant against insomnia and its symptoms. It’s worth noting, that scientists conducted experiments using animals deprived of sleep.

A team of researchers first studied the main ingredients of the Jiao-Tai-Wan complex. It consists of two plants: goldthread rhizome and cassia bark. Herbalists use these plants for treatment of irritability, insomnia, and menopause symptoms in women. Researchers noted that Jiao-Tai-Wan is known as a remedy for lack of sleep since ancient times. Therefore, they decided to confirm or deny the benefits of this herbal remedy. The results of studies by other scientists have shown the ability of herbal remedy to reduce blood sugar levels, decreasing the production of glucose.

Scientists took a group of mice, which suffered from constant noise, for conducting research. Subsequently, rodents got chronic sleep disturbances. Researchers then treated mice with the help of Jiao-Tai-Wan within a several weeks. They have noted biological markers of insomnia, inflammation and insulin resistance. Scientists confirmed that chronic problem with sleep could lead to hormonal imbalances. Therefore, the organism produces less insulin, which violates the regulation of blood sugar levels. Researchers also diagnosed increase cortisol level and human appetite.  If insomnia becomes chronic, then heightened appetite can lead to obesity. Overweight is one of the main factors of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, insomnia can lead to serious health problems in humans.

The results of studies showed, that Jiao-Tai-Wan had a positive effect on the sleep time of research group. The decoction also reduced inflammation and insulin resistance. According to scientists, the ability of decoction to positively impact sleep depends on the body’s sleep / wake cycle. Thus, researchers from China confirmed the beneficial features of herbal decoction Jiao-Tai-Wan.

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