How does Chinese medicine help with insomnia?

Sleep is the physiological state of the body, which is characterized by cyclicality. The amount of sleep is considered one of the most important indicators of a person’s quality of life. At this time that several vital processes occur. Sleep disturbances cause a dangerous psychological illness – insomnia. Let us consider in more detail the causes, symptoms and treatment methods of the disorder according to Chinese traditional medicine.

Table of contents:

  1. Symptoms of the insomnia
  2. What is chronic disease?
  3. What are the causes of insomnia?
  4. What are the treatments of traditional Chinese medicine?
  5. How to ensure high-quality sleep?
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Insomnia is one of the most common problems of modern people. Constant stress, workload, emotional and mental stress make sleep a luxury for some people. The sleep disturbance causes irritability and anxiety, not to mention the fact that bad sleep negatively affects health. Scientists have found that only one sleepless night reduces life by 30 minutes.

It is worth noting that insomnia often torments those who simply fall into bed from fatigue. However, no matter how many sheep or elephants we have counted, it’s still impossible to fall asleep. In this situation, traditional Chinese medicine will come to the rescue! However, before talking about how to get rid of insomnia, you need to determine what it is.

Symptoms of the insomnia

You can talk about the state of insomnia in cases where there is a violation of the falling asleep processes, frequent unmotivated awakenings, and a decrease in the duration of sleep. It is completely absent for several nights, provided that there are no obstacles to normal sleep. The room supports physiological indicators of temperature and humidity, there is no extraneous noise, a person works on a day shift.

Currently, experts distinguish several types of insomnia: situational (lasting up to a week on average), acute (duration up to 3 weeks), chronic (over 3 weeks).

Warning signs should be considered a prolonged period of falling asleep (normal – no more than 10 minutes, with insomnia – at least 2 hours), frequent night awakenings associated with unpleasant sensations, for example, terrible dreams, and due to the urge to urinate, difficulties with subsequent falling asleep. As a rule, after such a night, the patient feels overwhelmed, decreased working capacity, urges for daytime sleep.

In such cases, doctors recommend the use of various relaxing agents, such as Calm Tonus, which help to relax and fall asleep.

What is chronic disease?

Insomnia also varies in how long it lasts and how often it occurs. It can be short-term (acute insomnia) or can last a long time (chronic insomnia) [1].

In the case when sleep disturbances are observed for more than 3 weeks, doctors talk about chronic insomnia. The transition of the acute form to chronic provokes the continuous effect of causal factors, for example, prolonged stress, depression, anxiety, pain symptoms, accompanying the course of chronic insomnia. It is the timing of the process, according to experts of both European medicine and traditional Chinese, that has the greatest impact on the quality of life of the patient. This form of insomnia exhausts a person, giving no chance of restoration of strength and, ultimately, significantly undermining health and working ability. It is worth mentioning that if earlier insomnia was a disease directly related to old age, today quite young people already experience chronic insomnia.

What are the causes of insomnia?

Nowadays, a huge number of people suffer from insomnia. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are five main causes of the insomnia:

  1. Excessive mental stress causes a decrease in vital energy and blood, their deficiency in the heart and spleen, deterioration of heart nutrition and wandering thoughts. All this leads to insomnia.
  2. Blood deficiency in the heart and a sense of anxiety. When you are worried, it’s hard for you to fall asleep. This is one of the causes of the insomnia.
  3. Depression, an imbalance of energy in the liver and a disturbance of consciousness cause irritability and insomnia. Nervousness and fear lead to a lack of energy in the gallbladder and insomnia.
  4. Improper nutrition affects the condition of the spleen and bones. Indigestion disrupts sleep. Especially if you ate just before bedtime.
  5. Excess dampness and the accumulation of mucus and phlegm inspire alarming thoughts, causing insomnia.

Thus, mental and physical stress, physical weakness, malnutrition, overeating at night, indigestion – all this reduces vitality and cause insomnia.

what are the treatments of traditional chinese medicine

What are the treatments of traditional Chinese medicine?

For the treatment of insomnia in Chinese medicine, special measures have been developed that will allow you to quickly establish sleep, reduce the number of night awakenings, eliminate anxious thoughts and feel cheerfulness in the morning. Here are the main ones:

  • Self-massage (acupressure). This type of therapy consists of pressing on special sensitive points of the body that affect the work of various organs. You can carry out massage yourself at home.
  • Herbal medicine. This type of treatment consists of taking medicines based on medicinal plants.
  • Acupuncture. It is one of the most effective methods of eliminating insomnia, according to Chinese healers. They believe that in the process of this manipulation, the opening of energy channels occurs, which increases the chances of recovery.
  • Warming up. This procedure also affects certain points of the body. A special heating device called “moxa” is used.
  • Sports. Any exercise, such as running or gymnastics, is a great way against insomnia. It is better to perform the exercises no earlier than 3-4 hours before bedtime since immediately before bedtime it is undesirable to work hard neither physically and mentally. But if you have neither the strength nor the opportunities for sports, arrange at least evening walks.

Consider the most effective treatments in more detail.


Today, acupuncture for insomnia is considered one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine, with the help of which it is possible to cure pathology. Thanks to it, you can cope with anxiety and a disorder of the nervous system, because of which a person has problems with sleep.

During the session, the doctor acts on the points on the body with thin needles. They are much thinner than injection needles, so the patient does not experience discomfort during the procedure.

Masters noted that the activation of individual points allows you to simultaneously affect the organs and systems of a person, thereby improving his well-being. During the procedure, a specialist sets 10-20 needles.

The duration of treatment for insomnia with acupuncture is 20-40 minutes and it is recommended to take a course of 10-12 sessions to obtain the desired effect.

Thanks to acupuncture, it is possible to normalize the time of wakefulness and sleep as well as the general condition of the patient. Medicines that are prescribed to treat pathology often accompany the development of side effects. In contrast, acupuncture with the correct procedure does not cause any reactions.

Acupuncture is considered an effective procedure, but if improperly performed, there is a risk to human health. It is for this reason that you should trust only trusted clinics and avoid those in which such a procedure is prescribed without a preliminary examination.

acupuncture against insomnia


The treatment of insomnia by traditional means is not complete without aromatherapy. From ancient times it is known that some smells have almost magical properties. They heal, help fall asleep and heal the nervous system. For treatment, you can use two main methods: sachets and aroma lamps.

Cloth pads or sachets can be made at home. You will need a coarse cloth or a ready-made bag and dry herbs. Best suited lavender, mint, laurel, thyme, and geranium. Lavender is an aromatic herb with purple flowers that are used to add flavor to many recipes. Lavender contains calcium, iron and vitamin A. In aromatherapy, lavender is considered a relaxing and soothing remedy, for this reason, it is a popular ingredient in lotions, massage oils and other products used for insomnia.

You just need to fold the herbs into a cloth or bag, tie a knot and put the bag under the pillow or near the bed. Favorite smells evoke pleasant associations in people and relax.

You can also use the essential oils of orange, lavender, sandalwood, tea tree, rosemary, lemon or cinnamon. Oils should be added to the aroma lamp or a few drops dripped onto the bedding.

Herbal medicine

But the herbal formulas for insomnia used in Chinese medicine are not sedative like valerian, an herb commonly used in the West to induce sleep. Instead, Chinese herbal formulas treat weaknesses in body systems that inhibit sleep [2].

To restore the functioning of the nervous system, Chinese healers often seek help from herbs, roots, and plants. Such treatment will help harmonize the emotional background, get rid of stressful conditions, eliminate irritability, and anxiety.

With general depletion of the body, herbal decoctions and infusions are prescribed to increase the level of life energy. Treatment is primarily aimed at restoring the digestive tract. After all, it is the pathology of the liver, stomach, intestines, bile ducts, that lead to disruption throughout the body, including insomnia.

These plants are used to eliminate insomnia and prevent the depletion of all systems and internal organs in Chinese medicine:

  • white sandalwood
  • Red sandalwood
  • Nutmeg
  • Leaves, eagle tree bark, etc.

herbal medicine against insomnia

How to ensure high-quality sleep?

Chinese experts give the following tips for improving sleep quality for fight insomnia.

Listen to the sounds of nature before going to bed: the sound of water, birds singing, the crackling of a fire, etc., or turn on the fan, a rhythmic and monotonous sound helps you fall asleep soon.

Before going to bed, make it a rule to take short walks, a bath with aromatic oils or a soothing herbal tea will also have a beneficial effect.

Before going to bed, try to worry less, do not think about the troubles of the outgoing day. Don’t panic if you can’t fall asleep in any way. Think about good, because a positive attitude, even if you do not get enough sleep, will give energy in the morning. The habit of sleeping soundly, sooner or later, will develop by itself.

Buy a comfortable mattress, pillow, and blanket, as well as a set of beautiful bedding and cozy pajamas. Surround yourself with comfort.

Listen to yourself. If insomnia does not go away, perhaps you should consult a doctor and undergo a full examination, because very often people do not sleep well, experiencing physical discomfort or even pain. In this case, first of all, it is necessary to exclude the presence of any serious diseases.


The benefits of acupuncture, aromatherapy or herbal medicine are very great. After several procedures, the nervous system improves, the symptoms of insomnia are eliminated, the digestive tract functions, the depression disappears alongside with neurosis, anxiety, fear, phobias, negative emotions, chronic fatigue syndrome, the spine normalizes and the whole body recovers.

With proper conduct and responsible approach, all of the above activities will help get rid of insomnia and establish the work of all organs and systems.

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