What herbal remedies help with potency problems?

Full sex life is an important component of men’s health. It helps to increase self-esteem, to feel confident, to build a vibrant relationship with his partner. Men don’t tolerate potency problems. This fact seriously affects health, depress the nervous system, and reduces self-confidence. Irritation and stress – only a small fraction of the consequences. They can be much more serious if a man gives up and does nothing. However, herbal medicine comes to the aid of men.


  1. What is impotence?
  2. Herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction.
    1. St. John’s wort.
    2. Thyme.
    3. Tormentil.
    4. Rhodiola rosea.
    5. Epilobium.
    6. Parsley.
    7. Fenugreek.
    8. Aloe vera.
    9. Bittercress.
    10. Calamus root.
  3. Conclusion.

Men’s health depends on many factors. Maintaining physical ability to desire to love and give progeny are important aspects of life. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain good potency with age. The testes begin to reduce testosterone synthesis by 1-2% annually after 35 years. Changes in the male body occur more intensely. Modern lifestyle, constant stress, and problems greatly reduce the age of the disease. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that problems arise in the entire male population.

What is impotence?

Impotence is a violation of one link in the chain of realization of a man’s sexual destination. As a result, an inability to perform sexual intercourse arises. The disease includes the following stages:

  • Sexual attraction or libido.
  • The emergence of an erection.
  • Ejaculation and orgasm.

Impotence in its pure form is considered the lack of attraction to women. Most often, it is present, but it disrupts the second stage of the process – an erection. The causes of the disease are both physical and psychological problems. –°onstant failures caused by any internal problems, men form the psychological component of the deviation.

Despite the fact that for the average person, impotence is the absence of an erection, this term hides many more symptoms. It implies all kinds of disorders in men, which don’t allow him to live a full sexual life, to be able to conceive. However, humanity has developed various methods and tools that help to fight this unpleasant disease.

Herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction.

The problem with potency is a common disease. Modern medicine has various ways to treat it. They include drugs, psychological courses, various therapies, and surgery. Unfortunately, these treatments don’t always bring results. Sometimes they cause great harm to the male body. After all, medications have various side effects. It’s worth noting, that such stimulants of potency, such as Viagra, Cialis, really help to perform a sexual act. But they don’t cure the cause of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the disease doesn’t go anywhere. The men continue to suffer.

Herbal medicine doesn’t lose its relevance for many centuries. Plants that can be considered natural stimulants have a favorable effect on male potency and erection due to the positive effect on vascular tone and increased blood circulation in different parts of the body, including in the pelvic organs. Herbal medicine also strengthens the immune system. As a result, the likelihood of developing diseases that adversely affect erectile function is reduced. At the same time, herbal supplements have no side effects. Let’s consider, which useful plants recommend by Western herbal medicine in the fight against male impotence.

St. John’s wort (other name is Hypericum perforatum).

St. John’s wort has a tonic effect. It favorably affects the psycho-emotional state of a person and helps to solve problems with potency. Herbal medicine offers to get rid of sexual weakness by taking funds based on this herb. St. John’s wort tincture is ideal for men. Traditional medicines with this plant should not be used for medicinal purposes for men, transferred organ transplantation. They are ways to exacerbate severe depressive and manic states, from which people with mental disorders suffer.


Many men claim that they recovered from impotence with the help of Thyme. They managed to achieve a positive result since this herb has a beneficial effect on sexual desire and the duration of the sexual act. , Man should know the recipe for the preparation of healing agents based on this plant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Thyme can be added to hot and warm teas, combined with other plants, thereby creating useful fees. It’s worth noting, that Thyme is not suitable for men, which have problems with the endocrine system.

Tormentil or Potentilla erecta.

The roots of the plant are beneficial for men. Funds based on it reduce inflammation. It’s the prevention of prostatitis, often provoking impotence. Tormentil has a positive effect on the vascular system, strengthens the walls and normalizes the blood flow of the genital organs. It’s very important for sustainable erection. Taking herbal remedy is an additional effective way to normalize the psychological state of a man. A man, taking Tormentil as medicine for impotence, will very soon feel the effectiveness of this plant.

Rhodiola rosea.

Rhodiola rosea or golden root is a truly male plant. It copes with the restoration of erection due to its properties to improve blood circulation processes. The plant also contributes to increased sexual attraction to the opposite sex and the brightness of the orgasm. Moreover, the body of a man after a course of treatment with this plant will be able to recover quickly after intercourse. It will allow him to perform a whole series of sexual exploits overnight with his partner.


Herbalists use the plant to eliminate erectile dysfunction. Herb extract can stimulate testosterone production. Doctors advise using the leaf of this plant as a prophylactic and for the treatment of pathologies in the prostate gland. They can to halt the development of a benign prostate tumor and help reduce it, using the properties of Epilobium.


Experts have long recognized Parsley as a plant with the properties of a powerful aphrodisiac. Its beneficial properties are aimed at reducing estrogen levels and increasing the male hormone testosterone. The plant has a positive effect on the blood supply processes of the whole organism, increasing the blood flow to the male genital organ. Herbalists use a variety of fees, combining Parsley leaves with other plants. Through this treatment, the man acquires a stable erection and the ability to complete sexual intercourse.


Herbalists know well, which herb increases the potency in men. Fenugreek refers to similar plants. It has seeds in the form of beans after flowering. Masters use them as healing raw materials. Fenugreek beans contribute to testosterone release, normalize blood counts, and have a beneficial effect on the condition of blood vessels.

Aloe vera.

Aloe is a plant with anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating action. Its use normalizes the blood supply in the pelvic organs and in the penis itself, helping to restore libido and erection. The composition of aloe juice includes a lot of a variety of nutrients, normalizing the balance in the body. The effect of this plant is very powerful. A man should use it only after consulting a doctor.


This herb is rich in vitamin C and fatty oils. The plant effectively increases the potency, increases the amount of sperm produced and improves its composition. Herbalists use all parts of the plant – leaves, stems, roots.

Calamus root.

The plant has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. Lack of erection is often associated with circulatory problems – both the process of sperm production and the processes of blood flow in the pelvic area and directly to the sexual organ are disrupted. Calamus for men helps to speed up the movement of blood in the vessels, improve the filling of the cavernous bodies, which prolongs sexual intercourse, qualitatively changing it for the better.

The list of useful herbs is constantly updated with new discoveries of specialists.


A huge number of men practices treatment of impotence with herbs. During the course of therapy, many of them notice a marked improvement in sexual function, which has been impaired for various reasons. Certain types of plants contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes in the human body. Thanks to that, the main function of most systems and organs is restored.

Men, which suffer from impotence, should not rely solely on herbal medicine. It’s effective if patient use in conjunction with medical treatment and the fight against factors that lead to problems with health.

Herbal medicine solves several problems that are associated with potency. Herbal supplements help to avoid premature ejaculation, increases libido and increase erection. A man should take herbal remedies for a long time to achieve such changes. There are many herbs that help men regain their erections. However, the patient must consult with an experienced herbalist to choose the right remedies for treatment.

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