Eastern medicine and alopecia

Chinese medicine has traditionally paid particular attention to solving the problem of hair loss. The ancient treatises associated hair loss with a lack of kidney function, loss of vitality, energy. Much affects the condition of the hair: poor diet, daily regimen, lack of sufficient exercise, trauma, climate, medications, stress, and so on. Until recently, traditional medicine offered to people suffering from hair loss two ways to fill the gap without eliminating the cause. The path of treatment with hormones that slow down hair loss, or hair transplant.

Hair falls out when the hair follicle is measured due to the inactivity of the cells of the dermis layer. Chinese scientists believe that baldness can be stopped by optimizing the balance between energies in the body. If there is an excess of energy in the body, it is released through the crown of the head, the follicles open and the person loses hair.

Specialists say that one should prevent an excess of energy and keep it in the meridians. The Chinese propose to improve the quality of blood and circulatory intensity in the scalp area. You should improve the function of the kidneys from the inside. To improve blood circulation in the scalp, acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy is used. You should adhere to the proper nutrition system – do not overeat animal fats, proteins, sweets, do gymnastics, yoga, get enough sleep, meditate. Chinese doctors know that Westerners do not have the patience that is necessary for alternative treatment methods. The Chinese impact on the causes of the disease, not the manifestations, and achieve the best result.


Symptoms of alopecia
What are the goals of such alopecia treatment?
Classification of the disease and causes of baldness
Eastern medicine’s view on problematic baldness

Symptoms of alopecia

Scientists have shown that each person loses about a hundred hairs every day, and a life span of a hair is a maximum of seven years. If you take into account all the hair: actively grow about 90% of the hair, while all others are at rest. The period of such calm lasts up to 6 months, after which the hair falls out.

With age, the hair doesn’t grow on the spot fallen. But medical practice shows that this process happens in children. According to the medical interpretation, alopecia disease can be caused by hormonal disruption, various diseases, damage to the skin of the head, injuries, constant stressful situations, etc. After the medical center experts eliminate the causes of baldness, the hair will begin to grow again.

With partial men’s baldness hairline gradually moves from the temples to the back of the head. Complete baldness is characterized by exhaustion of hair and their subsequent loss on all parts of the head. There is also the concept of local baldness, which implies the exhaustion of hair and hair loss in certain areas.

In some patients, hair loss is observed within three months after an illness or after surgery. At the first signs, it is necessary to turn to specialists who will give advice and, if necessary, prescribe a treatment course.

During the examination, doctors recognize the most important thing – the cause of the disease. In practice, it is found that baldness is the result of taking certain medications. It is also possible pain during hair loss, the sensitivity of the skin or the inflammatory process. In some cases, scales, scabs, ulcers, and purulent discharge appear.

The effectiveness of the treatment of baldness methods of Oriental medicine

In the modern Center of Eastern Korean Medicine, patients have prescribed an individual course of treatment, which depends on the cause of baldness and the characteristics of the body. First of all, the treatment program includes the following steps:

  • laboratory tests and diagnostics that help identify the existing pathology;
  • acupuncture for the normalization of meridional imbalance;
  • manual therapy;
  • complex hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches);
  • heating of biologically active points (thermopuncture, stone-therapy);
  • the use of herbal remedies;

In the process of diagnostics, doctors use, in addition to modern methods, pulse diagnostics, examination and talk with each patient in order to identify his weak places (habits, lifestyle, nutrition, etc.).

As Korean doctors say, more than 14 energy meridians pass through the head area. Oriental experts consider them in terms of the location of the hair loss zone, determine the condition of the muscles of the skin and determine the nature of baldness. It is such a survey that makes it possible to understand what type of baldness is observed, and which internal ones have become the root cause of the disease. These include skin diseases, circulatory disorders, malfunctions of the internal organs and hormonal disorders.

The main task of specialists is to restore energy circulation. And this is achieved with the help of acupressure in combination with acupuncture and other oriental techniques known to the whole world. This enhances the connection between the external and internal organs. Exposure to certain points helps stimulate the movement of energy and eliminates spasms. The most important thing is strengthening the internal systems of the body since the internal mechanisms of self-regulation are beginning to turn on.

What are the goals of such alopecia treatment?

First of all, the balance of all systems is restored and energy circulation is normalized, which stimulates not only blood circulation but also relieves muscle spasms and eliminates inflammatory processes.

Acupuncture helps relieve excessive arousal of the central nervous system, and Tibet’s massage techniques relieve muscle and vascular spasms in the head and neck.

Professional diagnostics of the alopecia’s causes and the use of a comprehensive course of procedures normalizes the body’s activity, eliminating hormonal disorders, diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the joints, etc.

Classification of the disease and causes of baldness


In medical reference books, this disease is divided into:

  • congenital or androgenetic, which men most often suffer from;
  • focal or nest;
  • diffuse;

With focal alopecia, the hair becomes very thin. As practice shows, men appear bald in the parietal and frontal part of the head, and in women only in the center. Focal alopecia appears in the form of clearly defined round-shaped bald spots.

They are visible not only on the head but also on other hairy parts of the body. Sometimes these places increase in size, and full baldness is noted. With diffuse alopecia, which affects more women, there is a strong loss of hair all over the head.

Under the loss of mature hair, doctors mean diffuse hair loss, leading to a decrease in the so-called body hair density. The main reasons are:

  • the use of drugs (especially drugs that slow down blood clotting);
  • regular stress and mental stress;
  • endocrine disruption;
  • physiological changes in the female body after childbirth;
  • frequent physical exhaustion;
  • some nutritional features (iron deficiency, malnutrition);

With regard to the loss of growing hair in humans, such a process may result in complete baldness. Its main reasons include the following factors:

  • radiation during therapy (in cancer patients);
  • fungal mycosis (malignant tumor in the lymphoid-reticular system);
  • medications (anticancer drugs, allopurinol or bromocriptine);
  • poisoning by arsenic, boric acid, thallium, and other elements;

When cicatricial alopecia, experts note in most cases the presence of small shiny areas on the scalp, where there are not even hair follicles. This is what causes scarring alopecia:

  • infections such as herpes, syphilis, leprosy, etc .;
  • congenital defects in the development of hair follicles;
  • scarring pemphigus (a deadly autoimmune disease);
  • sarcoidosis (inflammation in the lungs);
  • lichen planus;
  • the presence of age spots;
  • physical factors in the form of acids and alkalis;
  • extreme burns or frostbite;

Eastern medicine’s view on problematic baldness


The causes of alopecia are actually quite a few. It is proved that an important factor in hair loss is the general overcooling of the body. As a result of constant hypothermia, the energy in the lung canal decreases, which leads to an increase in cold in the kidneys, which are responsible for hair growth and their condition.

Korean doctors say that if energy circulates freely along the meridians, it means that the person is healthy and feels fresh. These people have no pain and they are strong. When the circulation along one or another meridian starts to weaken – the disease settles in the organs through which it passes.

Thus, all our diseases, including alopecia, are associated with energy circulation. If it stops in a certain meridian, then pain appears and the internal organs suffer. That is what contributes to this violation:

  • improper and irregular nutrition;
  • suffered injuries;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • impact of climatic conditions;
  • the result of drug abuse;
  • negative emotions and an unhealthy lifestyle.

The cause of pathological alopecia in women is hormonal changes in the body that occur during pregnancy, after childbirth, and during menopause. Alopecia may develop against the background of weak work of the sex and adrenal glands. Such failures provoke not only hypothermia but also various infectious diseases, neuropsychiatric injuries, abnormal labor conditions, and poor nutrition.

Nutrition is associated with hair growth. There is a long spasm of blood vessels, so there is not enough oxygen in the hair follicles. As a result, hair grows slower and are not renewed.

In addition to all these reasons, baldness can be associated with serious gastrointestinal diseases, indigestion, and debilitating diseases such as liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis, etc. Highly qualified doctors of the Center for Eastern Korean Medicine treat alopecia in a complex using gentle methods. Patients with enhanced hair loss and baldness receive effective treatment that gives a long lasting result.

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