How does Turmeric help in oncology?

New research has shown that drug, based on the beneficial substance curcumin, contained in Turmeric, has a positive effect on the spread of cancer cells. The scientific article was published in the international journal “Biochemistry” of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Experts confirm their research by data. According to them, a brain tumor disappeared in 9 out of 11 experimental animals without any signs of toxicity under the influence of this bioflavonoid. It’s worth noting, that Turmeric didn’t affect healthy cells. The researchers concluded that curcumin selectively inhibits cancer cells in the brain.

According to one of the best oncologists in the world, Dr. William Ratterree, substance curcumin is the greatest means to suppress cancer. This Turmeric substance, entering the body, has a beneficial effect on more than 700 genes that suppress deadly cancer cells. But most importantly, curcumin doesn’t harm the organism. Therefore, this substance is the safest means of this kind.

Experts checked the first research back in 2008. According to the obtained data, Turmeric is able to inhibit the activity of breast cancer cells. This was a great contribution to the fight against apoptosis (the mechanism of cell death) and metastasis. Scientists concluded that Turmeric acts as a chemosensitizer in a molecular pharmacological study in 2009. That is, it’s a pancreatic cancer cell blocker. Moreover, in the same year, experts learned that such a component of Turmeric can cause the death of cancer cells in the lungs. The researchers talked about the enormous potential of curcumin in the fight against cancer stem cells in 2010 after experiments.

Statics from India, where Turmeric is one of the most popular spices, shows that the prevalence of such dangerous pathologies as breast, lung, colon and prostate cancers is 10 times lower. Scientists tend to believe that this bioflavonoid is the “savior” of the Indian population from a terrible disease. In confirmation of this, scientists are talking about the properties of curcumin, which prevent the transformation of cells from a normal state into a tumor, reducing the existing inflammation. In addition, a useful substance prevents the appearance of additional blood supply, which contributes to the decreasing of cancer cells.

Curcumin is the most famous bioflavonoid, which is the main component of the Turmeric root. Yellow and very fragrant powder, prepared from the root of this plant, has long been an exquisite spice. It has a large number of substances useful to the human organism. Curcumin is the most important and valuable substance in it.

Herbalists from ancient India and China used widely Turmeric in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent, to improve digestion, and to normalize the functioning of the liver and gall bladder. In addition, the plant has a powerful antioxidant, blood purifying, as well as an internal warming effect. Most of these useful properties of this spice are due to the substance of curcumin.

According to all the studies, it’s important to diversify your diet with Turmeric in order to combat an existing disease or to prevent cancer. However, it’s very important to choose a 100% organic, certified product, in which there are no various additives and fillers. In this regard, it’s important to ensure that the manufacturer uses safe methods for producing Turmeric, from planting the plant and growing it, to selective harvesting, powder production, and proper packaging.

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