How can you cleanse organism with Ayurvedic detox?

Every person strives to preserve health and beauty throughout life. Bad ecology, unnatural food, constant stress adversely affect the body. Not everyone knows that the body is able to accumulate all harmful substances. They negatively affect a person, when their amount reaches a certain level. Various diseases, allergies, skin disorders are direct results of exposure to such substances. However, there are natural and safe methods and supplements that will help you get rid of toxins. Thanks to them, you can prolong youth and health for many years.


  1. What is detox?
  2. The right time to cleanse the body.
  3. Popular Ayurvedic detox supplements.
  4. Conclusion.

Many experts claim that toxins and slags in the body are the main culprits of most diseases, weak immunity, increased fatigue, the imperfection of appearance and the accompanying nervous exhaustion. The human body, all systems of which work smoothly, is able to dispose of accumulating poisons. It performs cleaning with the help of the kidneys, intestines, liver, lungs, and skin.

However, due to a frantic and not always correct lifestyle, these mechanisms may not work to the full. In this case, detox programs and drugs come to the rescue.

What is detox?

A detox, or detoxification program, is a method of cleansing the body of toxins, slags and metabolic decay products. It implies an integrated approach to the purification of the whole organism and not a separate organ. A detox includes the following steps:

  • Restoration of the gastrointestinal tract from toxins that come to us with food (stabilizers, preservatives, taste improvers, alcohol, etc.).
  • Normalization of the correct volume of fluid intake, because water is a universal solvent of accumulated substances in the body.
  • The release of the lungs, i.e. the respiratory system.
  • Skin cleansing due to meditation, sauna and mud baths.

Experts recommend cleansing the body in the offseason (early autumn/early spring). During this period, our body needs cleaning. After winter, the organism begins to expand rapidly fats, accumulated during the cold weather. Therefore, if at this moment to help our body, then this process will proceed more efficiently. However, you should not conduct wellness detoxification in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation;
  • Acute diseases, exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
  • Serious diseases of the digestive system;
  • Cardiovascular pathology;

The right time to cleanse the body.

The feeling of vitality lack and health problems often serve signals, which indicate the need to release the body from toxins and slags. The natural excretion of harmful substances becomes difficult with age, so the use of special supplements and detox methods can significantly improve the overall condition of the organism.

Toxic substances accumulate in the bones, internal organs and even the intercellular spaces. They penetrate the body together with food, water, air, and cosmetic and hygienic procedures. Accumulating in large quantities, they take away beauty and youth. Nevertheless, there are various symptoms, which indicate toxins in the organism:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Difficulties in work of the liver;
  • Increased fatigue and decreased performance;
  • Inflammation of the sebaceous glands;
  • Accelerated aging of the skin and deterioration of the appearance of hair;
  • Brittle nails;
  • Decreased of immunity;
  • The appearance of allergic reactions;
  • Damage to mucous membranes;
  • Death of nerve cells;
  • Frequent headaches, memory impairment, and confusion;
  • Loss of appetite, thirst;

Pathologies of the cardiovascular system, early heart attacks can also be attributed to the symptoms indicating slagging of the body. If you have several of these symptoms, then this is a sign of the need deliverance from toxins.

Popular Ayurvedic detox supplements.

There are special medications that detoxify the liver, kidneys, intestines, and the blood system. Such drugs have laxative, diuretic, absorption, hepatoprotective properties. However, they have a large number of side effects and do not always lead to a good result.

Therefore, herbs for cleansing the body become popular among people. Experienced herbalists based on them prepare broths and infusions for the course of cleaning. Ayurveda holds a special place among toxin control methods.

Ayurveda (one of the most popular natural lifestyle methods in the world) attaches great importance to detox. The goal of purification is to balance the three main doshas, digest and eliminate toxins, and restore the natural functions of the body. Herbalists use a special set of procedures for this, which is called Panchakarma (translated from Sanskrit – “five actions”). This is a special detox program, as a result of which accumulated toxins are eliminated from the body. The course duration is approximately 3 weeks. Stages of Panchakarma:

  • Ayurvedic or therapeutic vomiting. Experts use it very rarely;
  • Taking laxatives (special recipes based on natural herbs and oils);
  • Oil enemas;
  • Cleansing enemas;
  • Cleansing the head, neck and chest through the instillation of special nasal drops.

You should go through the preparatory stage, before proceeding with the purification. First, you need to normalize metabolism. A special diet will help with this. It’s worth noting, that detoxification procedures are an integral part of any ayurvedic therapy. Specialists use them not only when conducting Panchakarma, but also when targeting specific diseases.

Ayurvedic detox techniques, aimed at removing harmful substances from the body, can be divided into two levels – preliminary and deep. At the first stage, herbalists carry out various preparatory procedures. They include adherence to a certain diet, correction of lifestyle, taking natural products based on medicinal herbs, plants, spices, and using a number of special techniques. All procedures of the preliminary stage are aimed at softening and gradual elimination from the body of toxins, undigested food particles, and slags.

The activities of the second, deeper stage of purification are aimed at removing excess doshas, restoring their balance, and normalizing the work of all metabolic processes in the organism.

At the initial stage of detox, herbalists use medicinal compositions based on oils, sharp and bitter herbs and spices that increase the digestive fire. Hot and warm spices meet this goal in the best way: red and black pepper, ginger, pippali, asafoetida, mustard, cardamom, cumin, coriander, basil, fennel, turmeric, etc. Bitter herbs are gentian, barberry, senna, katuka, margosa, aloe, coptis, gardenia, etc.

Let’s consider the most effective and safe Ayurvedic compositions for activating digestion and removing harmful substances from the organism.


It’s simple in composition, but very useful mixture of three Indian hot spices in equal proportions. It includes the fruits of long Indonesian pepper (piper longum), black pepper (piper nigrum) and medicinal ginger (zingiber officinale). The herbal mixture stimulates the digestive system, cleans the entire digestive tract and circulatory system. Trikatu is one of the best antiparasitic drugs. Herbalists use it for the deliverance of problems in the upper respiratory tract and improving digestion.

Hingwasdhtak Churna.

The main component of this composition is Hing, also known as asafoetida. Ayurvedic herbs, which help maintain a normal digestive tract, supplement the herbal blend. Hingwasdhtak Churna is one of the best means to get rid of toxins in the body, causing the appearance of plaque on the back of the tongue, bad breath, pathogenic bacteria, and parasites.

Mahasudarshan Churna.

Ayurvedic medicinal mix based on powders of more than fifty medicinal herbs and plants. This bitter tonic activates digestion. In addition, it has anthelmintic, antipyretic, diaphoretic, diuretic, mild laxative, antiviral, antibacterial action. The herbal blend removes toxins through the skin and urine, cleanses and improves the functioning of the liver, circulatory and lymphatic systems.


Ayurvedic preparation, which consists of seven plant extracts. It includes juniper fruits, tansy extract, aspen bark extract, clove flower powder, pomegranate extract, buckthorn bark powder. All plants of this supplement have a bitter, sharp and mildly astringent effect. They contribute to the removal of toxins and poisons, cleansing the blood and the whole body. In addition, the herbal mix improves the digestive system.


It’s the mixture of the fruits of three trees (amalaki, haritaki and bibhitaki). This is the safest remedy among laxatives of plant origin, which strengthens the immune system and activates the work of the digestive system. Experts recommend taking Triphala in moderate doses, from 3 to 10 g once a day before bedtime. Herbalists use Ayurvedic remedy for the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases, and prevention the accumulation of toxins.

Aloe juice.

This is another natural and safe remedy that helps cleanse the colon without weakening digestion. You can take it instead of Triphala in combination with a small number of spices – ginger, black pepper or turmeric. Receiving aloe juice also needs to be combined with a diet for your body type.


Detox is not just a diet. It’s a way of life! Unfortunately, we live in a time, when it’s very difficult to isolate ourselves from the influence the ecology of megalopolises, exhaust vehicles, factories, and toxic substances. Therefore, proper detoxification is a necessary component of life, and not a short-term fashion hobby!

Ayurveda uses a detox for many centuries. Thanks to this experience, we have various natural products that help to clean and restore the work of our organism. How does detox affect the body? Cleansing from harmful substances, beautiful and healthy skin, weight loss, lack of fatigue and good mood are waiting for you.

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