Body cleansing in Chinese traditional medicine

Doctors are convinced that if at least twice a year (in spring and autumn) you will cleanse the body of harmful accumulated substances, then the development of many diseases can be prevented. Fans of this lifestyle believe that proper nutrition and detox can prolong their lives. Let’s take a closer look at the methods of cleaning the body using traditional Chinese medicine.

Table of contents:

  1. Why is it dangerous to cleanse the body on your own?
  2. What are the requirements for the body?
  3. What are the principles of detoxification in Chinese medicine?
  4. Natural methods for removing toxins from the body
  5. Conclusion

Over the centuries that have passed since the appearance of the first people, the human environment has changed. Civilization and its achievements have changed nature. The pace of life has accelerated significantly. The environment has deteriorated. The consequence of adverse environmental conditions is the slow poisoning of the body. The human body is clogged with slag, and trying to keep up with the times leads to stress. For this reason, the body wears out too quickly, which means it is aging before the due date. We often get sick, and many diseases could be avoided. It is impossible to fundamentally change modern life, to turn back the wheel of history, and it makes no sense. It is most reasonable to try to find a way out of this situation. One of the opportunities is to practice the body cleansing, take care of yourself, your health and the health status of your loved ones.

Cleansing the body is a repeated process. It should be carried out regularly. It is especially important to arrange spring cleaning in the spring. Many factors are a stress for the human body: an unfavorable environment, neuropsychic overwork, lack of proper sleep, poor nutrition and even medication consumption. All of them can transfer the adaptive reserves of the body to an enhanced mode of operation. Adaptation potential decreases, and the human body goes to the next stage – the state of pre-disease. A particular disease follows this stage, in the absence of proper prevention.

Various methods of cleansing the body were not invented today. Oriental healing systems use a rich arsenal of means to cleanse the body and spirit. Not all methods have been successful. However, the great experience accumulated by generations is used now, often in a modified, improved form, taking into account new knowledge acquired by biologists and doctors.

Why is it dangerous to cleanse the body on your own?

why is it dangerous to cleanse the body on your own

No matter how good our diets are and how hard we exercise physically, the facts are such that people are constantly exposed to harmful toxins and heavy metals. These substances accumulate in tissues and organs and from time to time they need to be carefully removed.

However, what can happen if you get rid of toxins on your own using accelerated methods, three-day cleansing programs, highly concentrated herbal decoctions or rapid weight loss? The result can be very deplorable – breathing disorders, digestive disorders, joint pain, and other troubles are possible.

If we talk about detoxification, then the treatment crisis is caused by a sharp release of toxins from tissues and organs into the bloodstream, with the help of which these substances can reach other organs and cause concomitant symptoms. A crisis is a serious condition. It explains the deteriorations that could have been prevented.

Many therapeutic measures can ensure a healthy and smooth body cleansing: special phytotherapeutic formulations (Clean Tonus), infrared baths, acupuncture, intravenous nutrition, and special nutritional supplements and techniques.

All these remedies are designed to provide detoxification with minimal or no side effects. This is especially important for oncological and chronically ill patients who may not cope with exacerbation.

What are the requirements for the body?

Carrying out the cleansing of the body requires the strict observance of all the rules, otherwise, you can cause unintended harm to the body. The following contraindications apply for all versions of detox programs:

  • gastritis
  • peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum
  • diabetes
  • arthrosis
  • arthritis
  • mental disorders
  • menstruation
  • pregnancy

Some of the cleansing methods the body have individual contraindications, which should be treated no less carefully. Before starting cleansing the body, it is not superfluous to consult your doctor, especially if you have any chronic or acute diseases.

What are the principles of detoxification in Chinese medicine?

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is the concept of a purification cycle with two distinct phases. Such a cycle includes a complex circuit of toxin circulation in the body. Failures in this system during detoxification can cause short or long-term side effects. Understanding and correctly interacting with these cycles helps to cleanse the body without the onset of crises.

First, you need to consider the process of releasing toxins from their areas of location – organs and tissues. This is called discharge and corresponds to the first phase of the purification cycle. But where do the harmful substances come after release and how to get rid of them safely? To answer this question, you need to pay attention to various parts of the body where toxins accumulate before elimination.

In the first phase of the detoxification cycle, harmful substances are released from various tissues and organs. The liver directs this process. These processes are amplified in the spring, because, following traditional Chinese medicine, in the spring the liver is most active. This body regulates metabolic processes, serves as a kind of blood filter and is capable of both retaining toxins and removing them. From the liver, blood enters the right atrium, from where heart contractions pump blood flow into the lungs. Therefore, they serve as the first place where harmful substances accumulate. Passing the heart, blood flow spreads throughout the body. The third stop in the digestive tract. If it is overloaded with toxins, they again enter the bloodstream. At this stage, symptoms include constipation and flatulence. Continuing to circulate through the body, blood passes through the filtration system – the kidneys. They can remove some of the harmful substances, while the rest goes back into the tissues and the liver. This is how blood circulation works. It can be considered as a quick process, but the purification cycle is very slow. At each level, toxins can linger for months.

When planning a body cleansing, it is very important to take into account the distinctive features of the release of toxins from their elimination. After removing harmful substances from organs and tissues into the bloodstream, they are excreted with sweat, respiration, with the help of the intestines, kidneys and some mental processes (emotional discharge).

After reducing the level of toxins in the bloodstream with mild drugs and a diet, you can proceed to the following therapeutic measures and the use of additional nutritional supplements. Preliminary cleansing of the blood and digestive tract prevents many side effects of detoxification. Instead of a medical crisis, additional opportunities for self-cleaning of the body are released.

Natural methods for removing toxins from the body

natural methods for removing toxins from the body

After the release of harmful substances from tissues and organs, the body must remove them. Masters of Chinese traditional medicine recommend adding a few simple natural methods to the complex of procedures. Consider them.


This is a natural process. We are all breathing. But did you know that conscious breathing can reduce stress levels exponentially and deliver vital oxygen to all the cells in your body? When we do not monitor our breathing, we often use only a small part of the vital capacity of our lungs. Such shallow breathing can create muscle constriction and cause stress and fatigue. Deep breathing during the day relaxes the tightened muscles and in its effect is similar to meditation. If you want to cleanse your body at a more conscious level, then here is a way to do it.

Oriental practitioners note that any technique of deep, conscious and controlled breathing is of great benefit. If at the end of the day you feel that your chest muscles are tight and tense, or if you just need a break in your routine, stop and focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath, expanding your chest as your lungs fill up, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly. Imagine how healing oxygen circulates through your body and renews the cells of your body.

Dry clean

A less well-known way to cleanse the body, dry skin cleansing, however, is another simple method of detoxification in oriental medicine. This method stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems, while also improving the exfoliation and replacement of dead skin cells. All you need is a brush with natural bristles and a few seconds. Brush dry skin, rising from the bottom up following the blood flow to the heart. Brush your legs, arms, stomach, and back.

Fluid intake

The simplest and most important method of removing toxins from the body is to consume water. Our bodies need water. They are made up of water. This vital fluid flushes toxins from our digestive system, as well as from all organs and cells within the body. Drinking a glass of water immediately after waking up is a great way to wash out toxins accumulated in the body overnight. But you should not stop there, continue to drink water throughout the day so that your body continues to work efficiently. If you feel thirsty, then you have endured too long. Keep water on hand at all times and maintain the body’s water balance for optimal health. It is important to note that water quality is of great importance, as ordinary tap water is filled with harmful chemicals and pollutants.


One of the natural methods for removing toxins from the body is sweating. When used in combination with other methods, such as drinking water with lemon or juices, sweating can significantly help in detoxifying the body. The use of niacin (vitamin B3) may be one of the best combinations with this method. Your skin will be cleansed and this can cause discomfort, but niacin will help the destruction of fat cells after several days of use in high doses. Try to guess what is in these fat cells? True, toxins. After release, they are excreted through sweating or the urethra and digestive system


During the procedures of cleansing the body, it is recommended to avoid excessive loads and stresses, get enough sleep, observe a stable daily routine. Be sure to spend several hours in the fresh air: hiking or light jogging. It is good to cleanse the body during vacation unless a sharp change in climatic conditions is planned. It is important to drink plenty of clean water; preferably non-carbonated (possibly melt) water with a low degree of mineralization.

The main rule for cleansing is a careful observation of your body, its reaction. If there is severe discomfort in the body, dizziness, pain in any area, the procedure should be stopped and you must consult a doctor.

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