Ayurvedic Hair Care

Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair. Many factors affect our hair over the course of a lifetime such as unbalanced nutrition, weather conditions, constant use of hair dryers and other styling devices, exposure to chemicals and stress. Ideal hair seems to be something unattainable, and chic curls from commercials – an impossible dream.

Is it all so sad? Is it possible to preserve the beauty and health of hair, despite the harmful effects of the environment? In the search for answers to these questions, we paid attention to the centuries-old experience of Ayurveda. Ancient teaching proposes to include natural essential oils in the regular hair care complex. With their help, you can give vitality even to weakened, overdried, dull hair, acting from the inside, rather than masking the deplorable state of hair by artificial means.

The following regular combination of activities help to maintain the beauty and health of your hair:


Nutrition of the scalp

The scalp and hair are smeared with a mixture of vegetable and essential oils 1 time per week (and for a pronounced therapeutic effect, before each washing of the head). This procedure makes the hair soft, elastic and shiny.

Massage of the scalp

It stimulates blood circulation and promotes healthy functioning of the hair follicles. Through massage, the skin better absorbs nutrients that promoting hair growth and preventing excessive hair loss.

Relaxation of the body

It is another important aspect of hair beauty. If the nervous system is unbalanced, the body is in a depressed state – hair, like an indicator, reflects inner well-being. A general massage of the head and upper torso will help relieve stress, headache, and fatigue, calm down and restore strength.

Diet for hair

According to Ayurveda, hair and nails are products of bone metabolism. Bone health is directly related to adipose tissue. Therefore, a balanced diet and cleansing the body of toxins and toxins are the key points of a diet that affects the condition of the hair. Eating sweet and juicy fruits, green vegetables and leafy salads, will help cleanse the adipose tissue and strengthen the bone. Turmeric and coriander, coconuts, olive oil are among the first in the list of recommended products to improve the structure of hair in Ayurveda. The daily diet should include beans, fish, eggs, milk, meat (beef), walnuts, almonds, and citrus fruits.

The synergy of all hair care stages is explained by the understanding of Ayurveda of the human body as a whole, in which everything is closely interconnected. Thus, the best results are given precisely by the methods of complex effects on the nervous system, on the scalp and blood circulation, on the entire structure of the hair and the general condition of the body.


When choosing a therapeutic oil for Ayurvedic massage, you need to take into account the properties of the active natural ingredients that are included in it. For example, essential oils such as basil and peppermint can help treat dandruff and hair loss. Lemongrass and clary sage help from premature graying. Cedar tree oil is well suited to stimulate growth, rosemary oil will revitalize dyed hair.

The combination of vegetable and essential oils, selected in a certain ratio, taking into account the properties of each component and the condition of the hair at the time of the start of treatment has the best effect on the scalp and hair.

How to perform a head massage with the use of therapeutic oil

If you have long hair, first pre-cover your shoulders with a towel so as not to stain your clothes. Begin the massage with light strokes with your fingertips, starting from the forehead line and moving back to the back of the head – this will relax you and at the same time activate blood circulation.

Take a little oil mixture (use a handy pipette to put it directly on your head or in advance on the palm of your hand) and vigorously rub the product into your scalp with your finger pads in circular movements.

Bend your head forward and massage your scalp for a while in different directions, inhaling the pleasant aromas of essential oils. Feel how they soothe and relax. Remember, the right attitude enhances the effect of any action!
Now comb your hair (it is better to use a wooden comb), distributing the product over the entire length of the hair, right up to the tips. If necessary, add a few more drops to the hair or to the ends of the hair, if they are dry or split. Finish the massage with gentle stroking movements. The total massage time is 5-7 minutes.

After the massage session, hold the oil mixture on your hair for another 30-60 minutes and then shampoo your hair. It is best to use soft products, such as natural dry shampoos that do not violate the pH of hair and do not contain preservatives. If possible, you can leave the hair oil overnight to prolong the therapeutic effect of natural ingredients.

After the first set of procedures, which include an Ayurvedic massage with well-balanced hair oil, you will feel the effect, your hair will come to life. With regular use of this oil, hair will become stronger, smoother and shinier. Following the idea of a healthy lifestyle and further, giving up bad habits and excessiveness, you can achieve a radical restructuring of the organism as a whole and discover potential resources that will necessarily affect the condition of your hair!

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