The methods of eastern medicine against alcoholism

Many experts call alcoholism a real disaster of modern humanity. There are various reasons, which push a person to alcohol addiction.

Table of contents:

  1. Acupuncture and Chinese massage.
  2. Qigong as a way of life against addictions.
  3. Useful diet.
  4. Popular eastern herbal remedies.

Alcoholism is a disease characterized by the regular use of various alcoholic beverages. There are many factors, which trigger alcohol addiction:

  • heredity;
  • physiology;
  • traditions and customs;
  • social sphere and education;
  • features of character (weakness, lack of will);

Alcoholic beverages can be consumed in a company or privately in secret from the family. A person can simply drink every day and claim that he is not addicted. In most cases, the regular abuse of alcohol over time leads to the formation of persistent alcohol addiction.

Modern narcology provides several methods of treatment – coding, medication, hypnosis techniques, and so on. However, according to experts, due to the multiplicity of reasons for the development of alcoholism, the existing methods of its treatment may not give a lasting positive result.

It’s worth noting that the treatment of alcoholism in the East differs from Western medicine. The emphasis is on natural methods that include gymnastics, proper nutrition, massage, etc. It will be no less effective than, for example, coding methods, with the right choice of method. However, the benefits of oriental methods are much greater. The main methods of Eastern medicine are divided into two classes:

  • Chinese
  • Indian

We will discuss the main treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine. The important role in Eastern medicine is normalization of the circulation the current of internal energy in the human organism. Only in this way, Chinese healers achieve the effect of genuine alcohol rejection. The patient’s body, improved at the energy and physiological level, doesn’t accept more alcoholic beverages. The organism begins to recognize it as a poison and rejects alcohol.

Chinese medicine offers the following basic treatments for alcoholism, which are based on the princes of local traditional medical practice:

  • acupuncture and massage;
  • herbal treatment and naturotherapy;
  • relaxation and extreme methods;
  • meditation and spiritual techniques;

The process of treating alcohol addiction in China begins with a diagnosis. Moreover, it can be both traditional methods that have been practiced for many centuries, such as language survey, pulse diagnostics, aura research, etc., and diagnostic methods of modern Western medicine. Doctors assign a large role to interviews and preliminary consultations. During a conversation with potential patients, they establish and clarify the degree of alcohol addiction. Such a systematic approach to ascertaining the true state of a dependent person makes it possible to determine more accurately the nature and consequences of harmful addiction. Specialists determine what systems and organs have damaged by ethanol.

Acupuncture and Chinese massage

As a rule, the Chinese therapeutic course of treatment lasts at least 14 days. However, doctors can extend it, based on the testimony of the patient. Specialists conduct acupuncture sessions in an amount not less than ten. According to the ideas of doctors from China, this is a method of complex adjustment of energy processes in humans.

Acupuncture and Chinese massage

Acupuncture sessions open and close energy channels. This contributes to the restoration of human health at a more subtle level. The self-cleaning mechanisms of the patient are naturally stimulated. The required number of needles is placed at strictly defined points. There are more than 700 such points on the body. Such jewelry stimulation activates its own reserves of the human body. The organism wakes up and struggles with its own problems at a new level.

Treatment simultaneously activates the entire immune system, improves blood circulation and stimulates the functioning of internal organs. Acupuncture, unlike drugs, has no contraindications and age restrictions.

The duration of one course of acupuncture is 10 – 14 sessions. The duration of each session is 60 minutes. In the treatment of alcoholism by acupuncture, experts use metal and silver needles with a thickness of 0.3-0.37 mm and a length of 1 to 12 cm made of stainless steel and silver.

Almost the same effect is created by the influence of Chinese massage therapists, who possess the secrets of therapeutic massage. In addition to the point of its variety, Chinese massage, used for medical purposes, affects not only the biologically active points but also the meridians, nerve endings, muscles, and joints.

The actions and manipulations that the masters produce with their hands allow the patient to feel his body again and remove the clamps, remove the stagnation and gain new strength. Therapeutic Chinese massage restores and corrects the condition of the patient’s energy body.

Qigong as a way of life against addictions

The eastern experts always tell their patients that, without changing the wrong lifestyle, the best treatment will only give short-term results. The patient must change himself in order to the disease not return. Various meditative techniques are proposed as a means of achieving such positive changes. Meditation helps a person to control the consciousness and through him his subconscious. Thus, the patient can learn to live in harmony with own body and desires. Qigong is such a popular healing technique.

This practice combines relaxation, meditation, a set of gymnastic exercises and a special diet. The result of the application of this recreational practice is achieving harmony with oneself and the world around you through complete self-control. A person, who is fluent in qigong, can’t only manage the emotional sphere but also effectively influence the state of his entire body. For people with diseases of alcohol addiction, mastering such methods is of paramount importance, because an alcoholic needs to be able to suppress his craving for alcoholic beverages.

Useful diet

Chinese medicine gives priority to nutrition in the treatment of any diseases. The ration is based on the theory of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. The five primary elements reflect the processes that occur in the entire visible and invisible world, including in man. Any disease is defined as an imbalance of the five elements both in the body and in a separate organ. Each food product is able to influence a person in a certain way. For example, if a shortage of an element of fire is experienced, then nutritionist select those products in which this element is in abundance.

Every doctor of Chinese medicine knows which product has the ability to influence one or another element to what extent. The doctor makes recommendations on the patient’s diet after diagnosing and determining the imbalance.

The methods of Chinese medicine in the preparation of therapeutic diets work, approximately, like Indian ones, with the small difference. Chinese doctors use the theory of five elements, and India herbalists use the theory of three doshes.

Popular eastern herbal remedies

The principle of treatment of Chinese herbal medicine is the same – the theory of the five elements. Only in this case, the balancing is carried out using infusions and decoctions of herbs. The method is quite effective in treating addiction. The patient must find an experienced herbalist. There are many herbs that detoxify very well and cause an aversion to alcohol.

Herbal treatment is supplemented organically by the use of bioactive components of animal origin. In addition to bee and snake venom, the therapeutic effect of which is widely known in Western modern medicine, Chinese therapists have other equally effective preparations of animal origin. Such drug mixtures and compositions are assigned to the patient individually. An experienced herbalist makes a herbal collection based on a comprehensive study of the body and the patient’s energy aura.

Popular eastern herbal remedies

Most of them are herbal remedies, which are designed not only to strengthen and cleanse the body but also to remove energy problems. Thus, a mild regenerating effect on the organs is achieved. As a result, this set of measures significantly helps to reduce the degree of dependence on alcoholic beverages.

Let’s consider the most effective herbs, which fight alcoholism:

Kudzu root.

The herb appeared in China and Japan. This popular plant is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat alcoholism and relieve hangover symptoms. Kudzu contains plant estrogen and antioxidant. It contains ingredients similar in properties to disulfiram, which helps to fight drug addiction and alcoholism.


The plant helps to solve problems that arise when giving up bad habits. The herb relieves the symptoms of nausea and cleanses the organism.


The plant is known for its beneficial properties. Its main effect on the body is the acceleration of metabolism. This allows the body to quickly deal with alcoholism and eliminate toxic substances.

Cayenne pepper.

It is an excellent tonic for the stomach. Alcoholics often suffer from stomach problems, in particular from gastritis. Pepper relieves pain, normalizes the gastric mucosa, which suffers from the use of alcohol.


It helps in cleansing the body, flatulence, alcoholism, chronic diarrhea, seizures. Nutmeg is useful in cardiovascular diseases of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, psychosis, melancholia, paranoia, hypochondria, neurosis, and insomnia.


The herb decoction is virtually impossible to add secretly to the patient’s food. Therefore, it will have to persuade the patient for treatment. The grass decoction itself helps not only to stop drinking. The plant is an excellent expectorant, which will be useful to smokers. Thyme fights insomnia and nervous disorders. The herb remedies are effective before the patient has lost the gag reflex (in the first stage of the disease or beer alcoholism).

St. John’s wort.

This is a perennial plant known for its anti-depressive effect. Such properties make it useful in the treatment of syndromes after quitting alcohol. Saint-John’s-wort also reduces the craving for alcohol and, therefore, helps to fight addiction.

It’s worth remembering that during treatment it’s necessary to comply with all the requirements of specialists and strictly follow all instructions. As a result, all patients note a complete lack of desire to drink alcohol, as well as improvement of the general condition, health promotion and lack of stress. The unique combination of Chinese methods allows treating alcoholism even in the most neglected cases when other Western methods of treatment are powerless.

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