How does Ayurveda fight alcohol addiction?

Alcoholism is a disease caused by the systematic use of alcoholic beverages. It is characterized by pathological and mental attraction. Doctors distinguish three stages of alcoholism. For many people, drinking, above all, is a kind of shelter from stress, hardship, loss, and failure, a kind of way out of the impasse. Modern medicine has various methods of treatment for this alcoholism. However, they are not always effective. Eastern medicine also has its ways and means against alcohol dependence. Let us consider in more detail how Ayurveda copes with this unpleasant dependence of humanity.

Table of contents:

  1. How Ayurveda perceives alcohol addiction?
  2. What are the signs of alcoholism?
  3. Features of alcohol dependence treatment
  4. Alcoholism and meditation
  5. How does herbal remedies help with alcoholism?

Ayurveda treats bad habits as a mental illness. The fact is that the ancient Indian medicine does not distinguish between mind and body. These are two elements of a single human being that cannot be separated. Therefore, when it comes to habits, the relationship between the spiritual and the physical takes on special significance. Causes of alcoholism are the thought of action, and the desire to implement it. This is the real source of the problem. Ayurvedic masters say that all problems come from the fact that the world lives in the system of expectation of happiness, instead of living happily now. Therefore, it is necessary to “kill time” to wait for this happiness. To do this, you can smoke a cigarette or drink a bottle of alcohol. Ayurveda teaches that there are five elements in the human system: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. They act not directly, but indirectly, through three governing principles, called doshas. They transmit energy and information from the universe to the body of each person. The causes of illness are imbalances of doshas. Natural balance is lost, the habit prevails over man. Therefore, to get rid of a bad habit, it is necessary to restore the balance of doshas.

How Ayurveda perceives alcohol addiction?

Masters treat alcohol in Ayurveda as anupana. It is an auxiliary substance that contributes to the attainment of a drug by certain human tissues and organs. By itself, it bears no harm; on the contrary, there are Ayurvedic wines with spices that treat a person. However, its excessive use leads to disruption of the harmony of Vata dosha and the appearance of diseases.

Alcoholism is compared to Ahamkare. The body processes sugar as quickly as alcohol. It gives a lot of energy for which the body pays an exorbitant price. Therefore, wine in small doses is necessary for the alcoholism, but daily consumption already leads to an imbalance of doshas. The famous teacher said: “The young wine is very heavy and unbalances all the doshas. Old wine cleans the canals, whets the appetite and gives pleasure.”

Often, the excitement and imbalance of doshas lead to aggressive behavior, anger, and irritation. This further aggravates the negative effect of alcohol on a person. These people exist on its excess energy, bloated individuality, which, however, is not fruitful, is not aimed at creation, but is a parasitic form of energy. Because of this, a person ceases to pay attention to the spirit, mind, and body.

What are the signs of alcoholism?

Signs of negative dependence appear fairly quickly. Therefore, the patient’s relatives should be attentive to them and try to convey the seriousness of the situation to the drinking person. Such symptoms include periods of binge drinking — drinking of alcoholic beverages for several days and sometimes weeks; reduction of social well-being. A special sign is a significant excess of the threshold of rejection of alcohol: no vomiting, nausea, after consuming large doses of alcohol; hangover syndrome; external manifestations – skin aging, varicose veins, bruises on the skin, not associated with injuries. All these signs indicate that a person does not just consume alcoholic beverages, but has a strong dependence on them.

Features of alcohol dependence treatment

For more than 3000 years, alcoholism is considered a serious illness in Ayurveda, attentive to its power, its potential ability to cause harm, and insist that a person who is addicted to alcohol must accept outside help to put Ahamkara in place. The same approach is used in modern programs based on the conviction that the first step in getting rid of any dependence is to recognize the existence of the problem. Recognition that Akhamkara came out of its designated boundaries opens the door to restoring the balance of the whole organism.

Ayurveda recommends that those who wish to heal from the alcoholism, go for light food, refusing to roast and heavy. Masters advise to use a little bitter food – this will reduce the body’s need for intensity of experiences that alcohol overestimates.

The propensity to an effective perception of the world is one of the features of alcohol dependence, since alcohol is embedded in logical and mental chains, as an element of celebration. To suppress the desire for sugar, it is recommended to drink juices: pomegranate, carrot, coconut juice. Coconut is especially recommended to quench the thirst of excluded heavy foods.

The path to healing alcoholism is to recreate the balance of the body. It is useless to simply eliminate alcohol from the diet, it is necessary to adequately remove it from the menu, replacing it with other useful substances.

Experts recommend gentle laxative therapy to clean the body of toxins after alcohol. It will remove excess energy and heat from the liver and stabilize Pitta. However, the main thing in treatment is personal will. The biggest psychological problem of an alcoholic is a weakness of will. Alcohol dependent Ahamkara believes that it can live and act independently of its body, mind, and spirit, and is ready, as far as possible, to deceive them. To keep it unlimited self-indulgence forever, it weakens it’s individual will until it can no longer resist its desire to drink. The first step to solving a problem is to become aware of it.

A woman should not hate a drinking husband, otherwise, his condition will only get worse. It is necessary to find the strength to love a spouse, to find good qualities in it. Supporters of Ayurveda argue that love and spiritual warmth give rise to reciprocal feelings. A man does not want to hurt his beloved and will begin to change for the better.

Alcohol is a type of substance that is processed in the process of metabolism in the same way as sugar. In small quantities, alcohol serves as a medicine and in large quantities as a poison. With regular use of alcohol, the body gets used to it and bases its balance on it, and in the end, you feel bad if you don’t manage to drink. Thus, a dependency appears. Any habit is an addiction that needs to be broken.

Alcoholism and meditation

alcoholism and meditation

Transcendental Meditation is engaged in finding the psychological roots of alcohol dependence and their gradual elimination. Numerous studies have shown that it contributes to the development of holistic perception and enhances concentration. Due to the regular practice, the state of awake rest is maintained by physiology during activity. This leads to a decrease in anxiety, depression, and irritability. The transcendental consciousness, the awareness of one’s higher “I” becomes an integral part of man and in his dynamic activity.

A person improves understanding of others and, at the same time, increases resistance to social pressure. The perception of life is distinguished by greater integrity and positivity. However, it should be remembered that the patient should contact a qualified specialist who will draw up an individual program and will monitor the learning process.

How does herbal medicine help with alcoholism?

Narcologists say that some herbs very effectively help in the fight against alcohol dependence. Natural remedies remove toxins from the body. They strengthen the liver and gastrointestinal tract. But they can not be used mindlessly. The patient should consult a specialist. The basis of the fight against alcoholism is the use of herbal infusions and decoctions. Herbalists believe that such tools can be used both for independent and anonymous treatment of a person. The main task of herbal medicine in the fight against alcoholism is to cause aversion to alcohol and cleanse the body of harmful substances. Experienced herbalists make individual decoctions that cause vomiting, indigestion and other unpleasant conditions. Due to this, the effect of aversion to alcoholic beverages is achieved.

how does herbal remedies help with alcoholism

Consider the following Ayurvedic herbs that help cleanse the body of alcohol and facilitate the process of getting rid of it.


Herbalists use plant extract to cleanse the liver. After taking the plant remedies, the body begins to function correctly, which has a positive effect on the patient’s body.

Gotu Kola

Cooked decoctions of plants restore the brain. Besides, Gotu Kola helps to get rid of a kind of breaking that occurs when you give up alcohol.


This is a sedative for restoring Vata. Its calming effect helps the body fight the effects of alcohol, reducing dependence.

Aloe Vera

The extract helps strengthen the liver, which is the first to experience alcohol dependence. Aloe Vera can improve and strengthen liver function, as well as prevent cirrhosis, which develops as a result of prolonged alcohol intake.


This herb eliminates Vata violations. This is very important since Vata plays an important role in the process of enhancing the work of the brain and nervous system. This reduces the physical dependence on alcohol.


Herb extract helps cleanse the brain of toxins. Herbalists use the plant in the complex treatment of alcohol dependence.

Ayurvedic drug Surari

Surari is a mixture of thirty rare herbs that help detoxify the blood and remove toxins from the body. Herbal extracts increase the production of bile and normalize liver function. This is a very effective tool that does not have side effects. The drug cleanses the body and rejuvenates it.

It is worth remembering that herbal remedies have a potent effect. Therefore, they should be used with caution and only as prescribed by a specialist. Frequent stress, problems at work or home, depression, and lead many people to dangerous addiction. However, alcoholism is not a sentence. The main thing is the will and desire of a person to finish drinking alcoholic beverages. If modern drugs and therapies do not have the desired effect, then it is worth remembering that natural medicine has its ways of dealing with alcoholism. Over the years, Ayurvedic medicines have shown their effectiveness without dangerous side effects.

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