Welcome to our site! My name is Thomas Kohler. I have dedicated many years of my life to studying Herbal medicine and today I am a practicing herbalist with extensive experience.

I have encountered herbalism for the first time during my trip to Eastern countries. Local masters showed me their skills of natural medicine. This knowledge encouraged me to become a professional in this field.

I received my first experience in China. Several wonderful years of my life have passed in this eastern country. I have studied the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine under the guidance of local experts during this time.

Thomas Kohler in China













I decided not to stop there and returned to Germany. In my hometown, I learned the healing properties of Western herbs and their use in Herbal medicine. I have to thank European herbalists for that!

My job is related to different health issues. I integrate modern science and Herbal medicine into a single and systematic treatment approach. My mission is to create a plan for the patient to meet all his needs. I use both western and eastern herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for these purposes.

In my spare time, I conduct training sessions for beginner herbalists. They must give all accumulated experience to a new generation. From time to time, I visit various Herbal medicine seminars where can I share new knowledge with my colleagues.

I believe that good health comes with understanding, empowerment, and the grace of our nature. Nothing compares with the healing when we connect with nature’s bounty, whether it be food, medicinal herbs, or simply time spent outdoors!