Our Herbal Mission

Our mission at HerbalStock is to provide the excellent healing benefits of organic herbs and remedies to the community. As long as other businesses may want to sell you a sack of herbal products along with uninformative instructions, we at HerbalStock trying to provide you with well prepared and ready to use herbal supplements together with crystal clear guidelines.

All of herbal remedies are offered at HerbalStock are made up of 100% natural ingredients, manufactured in U.S. with the highest pharmaceutical guidelines in FDA registered facilities, based on cGMP requirements and fundamentals. All listed products are made from only the highest quality organically farmed and laboratory-tested raw ingredients, formulated in therapeutic dosage to maintain the natural integrity of every single herb to give you the most successful combinations of Eastern and Western natural herbs and their power. All herbal ingredients are free from heavy metals pesticide & nitrates. All of natural remedies at HerbalStock are free of added gluten and are never tested on animals.

Our Natural Promise

We realize that using 100 % natural compounds is a vital role of Herbal (natural) medicine and your well-being, what are the main the reasons you are looking at alternative medicine. All products that we offer consist of only natural ingredients and therefore are manufactured by using natural processes. We are in continuous communication with manufacturers and constantly control the facts so that all herbs are cultivated under strict quality standards (organic standards) being USDA certified organic.

Our Organic Philosophy

Lets face it, regardless of traditional pharmaceutical medicine or alternative herbal medicine, it is usually human body that is fundamentally creating the changes and curing itself. As a replacement of using damaging chemical substances with damaging unwanted side effects to fight an health issues, Alternative medicine uses natural herbs to deal with health issues. You do not need to know nearly anything about Alternative Medicine or Herbology; we will take good care of selecting the highest quality products from reputable manufacturers for your needs, and you get positive results without the negative side effects that can come with prescription drugs.

All products at HerbalStock are listed in logical categories so you understand for what specific purposes a particular product is recommended, and the guidelines for each of the products will be clear to understand and follow. If you still unsure of what to choose? Simply send us some short E-mail with your major symptoms to let us understand your problems and help you out.

Our Responsibility to Ecology, Planet & Environment

At HerbalStock, we believe that it is our duty to protect our planet and natural environment. We cooperate with manufacturers that are reuse packing materials received from various manufactures. All products are packed and delivered in recyclable boxes. We make full use of recycled pieces of paper and non-toxic all-natural inks for all our printing.

What Makes Us Different?

Here at HerbalStock, we aren’t yet another online store selling herbal supplements.

We building trust! Behind HerbalStock website is a team of qualified and well-informed people, who can provide competent guidance. We all aim to respond to your questions as best as it possible and offer appropriate product reviews and instructions. Our online store team let us to build the most suitable responses to online health and well-being requests. We really love to find out from website visitors and customers more about their feedback and suggestions, what that they like or dislike on services and products or website functions and features. The actual feedback and ideas help to even more improve the high quality of our web store, that’s why we anticipate every single responses. If there’s any kind of health supplement that you wish to see available to you online, don’t hesitate to contact us. We also would like to hear from you any suggestions and feedback regarding our blog post topics. Here at HerbalStock Blog, we intend to write on Herbal (Natural or Alternative) Medicine subject areas that you would definitely like to know about.

We connect only with responsible manufacturers, vendors & partners! We manage our website in a way by empowering and working together with our manufacture, wholesale and distribution partners we follow the way to the success of our mission as a strong team.

Our Authors

Stefania Arconti

My name is Stefania Arconti and I’m practicing herbalist. I use Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbs in my work. Over the years I have gained extensive experience in herbal medicine.

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Tomas Kohler

My name is Tomas and I’m an European clinical herbalist, freelance writer and assistant clinical director of herbal medicine. For 18 years I have been a practicing herbalist. Throughout all these years, I studied plants and herbalism, reinforcing my knowledge with frequent travels to various corners of the earth.

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